Red soul.

She was there in the dark, waiting for someone to find her. To show her the right way, to lead her. Ah, and how cold she felt. Not just her shaking body felt cold, but her soul was freezing, left alone in the forest. Do you know the feeling to always be the bad one? Do you know what it’s like to live a lonely life? No? Well, she does. People that were supposed to be her dearest, kept disappointing her, letting her down, without even realizing that she was losing herself more and more day by day. No one realized she was going deeper and deeper into the forest.

The girl was sitting on a rock with her hands around her knees, the pale face of hers was covered with dust, blood and her crystal tears were falling down her cheeks. The usually shiny hair was now shaggy and thatched. What’s left from her clothes was covered with blood, pieces skin and dirt. The lonely creature didn’t even have shoes and her feet were scratched and hurt. But that pain was just.. pain.. She liked it. She thought that she began to lose her mind, but maybe, just maybe pain wasn’t that bad, was it? It made her feel less the cold wrapping around her soul.

The Moon was rising, but the clouds were too thick to actually let any light touch the girl’s face. It was as if even the world wanted her to suffer, as if the whole world wanted her dead.


Her inner voice was so weak, almost inaudible. Why did they do this to her? She gave them everything. She was always there for them and once, just once she needed them so desperately, but no one was around. The boy she thought would always support her and lift her up when she falls did, actually, made her fall. The girl that was supposed to give her reason to pull it together after the break up, just disappeared: had better things to do. And at this very moment she was completely alone.

But the planet didn’t stop spinning, life continued even with this dying girl, desperately needing help. One ray of silver moonlight lit up her face. Even so miserable she still looked pretty, she could find a reason to live, she might if only.. if only there was someone to show her. Right?

Oh, the pain. It didn’t want to stop, like it was sucking all the hope and any chance of her, getting on her feet. It kept getting worse. She started twisting in agony. There was also fear, but not of death. Fear that she would keep existing even after dying. She wanted to disappear, to be as If she was never born. The life was letting go of her, she started feeling her body different. The girl used her dying will to imagine the people who betrayed her, but also the people she loved.

They couldn’t actually be only bad, right? They might have had their reasons not to be there for me.

Suddenly, the pain in her chest became unbearable and she made a heartbreaking scream. She felt like her heart was being crashed, smashed, torn apart. Her nails were scratching her own skin, trying to make it stop.

Wait, something was wrong. Could it.. be? She heard it. She heard a voice. But, no one should be able to find her here? And yet, the tall figure was standing a meter further. He was here. He was here for her. She knew he was different. The lost girl lifted her hand and tried to reach for the boy’s.

NO! It’s too late. Stay back.

A sharp pain made her whole body shake at once. It happened so fast that her spine broke.


He saw her lips say his name, but he couldn’t hear it. Her hand hung in the air for a second and then fell. A red tear fell off with the last beat of her heart.

Yes, it was the last beat of her heart, but the pain didn’t stop. Her body started changing. Her skin was turning black, her hair falling, the teeth growing bigger so as her nails. Now there were no screams, just an animal roars. Her last conscious thought was to tell him to run, but she only made her lips move. It was enough. It had to be enough. But why, why wasn’t he running? Another roar. She couldn’t control herself anymore. She had only two thoughts: Punish. Feed. She jumped over the boy, licked his cheek, and made something like a smile. She started making deep scratches in his chest. His screams where so sad, he kept saying how much he was sorry, how much he loved her. But she was no more.

With one last move she ripped his heart out.

The Moon turned red, making the ground covered with blood and flesh, sparkle.


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