Trapt inside. Part 1~

Dear James,

The sky is blue, the birds are singing their beautiful songs. I can see a fox catching a mouse for her babies. There is a wolf trying to charm a pretty female and to make her happy till the rest of her days. Just like I want you. The bees, working hard, flying from one flower to another. A lovely day, isn’t it? I wish I could spend it with you. I wish you were still here with me, but you are not. You decided to go save a world, which even isn’t yours. You silly, clumsy, little sun, why do you take such a big part of my heart? Why do you mean so much? But i don’t get one thing, why did you leave me just a note why didn’t you tell me about it? Why didn’t you take me with you? Ah, so many questions and not many answers. My only hope is that you are doing good, that you are safe and sound.
It’s been an year already, and I didn’t stop looking for a way to come to you. Maybe you are trapt, tortured or maybe you’ve loved another. I won’t find out if I give up on finding a way to come to you, because you ain’t coming back to me.
I spoke to professors, paranormal experts, the FBI and whoever you think of and they don’t know where you could possibly be. The only chance that I have left is a women calling herself ‘the Fallen’. Actually, I didn’t know anything about her till one night. I was sleeping and I dreamt this wind whispering the word “fallen”. At first I didn’t think of it as something special, but then as I was dreaming it every night I decided to google it, to find it’s meaning. After some research I found it is a ‘witch’s’ name. Well, I believe, witch is strong word, so I am not having my hopes up for nothing. 

I will write you in my next letter to tell you how it went. 

Only yours, Alice.


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