Dead but united.

Darkness all around us. Darkness uniting us. Darkness making us who we are.
What was there even before the beginning of time itself? It was this void, this darkness. It will never be gone, because it is everywhere. People cannot always see it, but it is there. You know it, you have sensed it. Yes, with the corner of your eyes, in a place in your heart, that you thought it had been cured, or in your room where the light of the lamp next to your bed is flickering and shadows are creeping in. Darkness doesn’t have a shape. It is nothingness, yet it is everywhere. No matter how strong the light is, there, at the end of the ray of light, a drop of darkness will be eating it, crushing it, becoming stronger.
Someday, there will only be darkness again and only those who have accepted this, will be able to survive.
There is no good or bad, when the only thing you care about is surviving. The only way you do it, is by uniting with the rest. No killing, no stealing, no crushed hearts and memories. Because all you have is darkness and all you know is surviving.


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