-Hello? Is anybody there? Can you help me?

No one answered.

-I am lost.

Nothing again.

-My name is Light. I give hope.

Light didn’t give up. Everything was so dark, she couldn’t even see her brightest ray. She could not remember how she got there, moments ago she was watching over a little girl, with a pure innocent heart, swinging under the blue sky. The view of the sunset, reflecting in the ocean and the dog of the girl barking in circles around her, trying to protect her. What happened?

Suddenly, there were pictures… No, wait. These were memories? Light felt like she was the girl, but she couldn’t interact, she could just stand and watch hopelessly.


-Wait, Fin. There is something I have to tell you. – I.. No, the girl. The girl stopped as she was walking and met his eyes. – I have feelings for you. I’ve been in l…

-Shut up. I don’t want to hear any of this. I told you it was a one time thing. It meant nothing. – His face was ice cold.

-No, I know you feel it. Just let me show you what love feels like, don’t be afraid of the happiness.

-I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP. – He slapped her face so hard, that bells started ringing in her ears.

After that the memory started fading, until there was only darkness again.


– Daddy? When are you coming home? – She was holding a phone, with tears in her eyes. – No, everything is okay. I just wanted to make sure you are coming soon. – She looked at her bruised hands and the blood dripping off her cheek. – Oh.. I see.. But you said you’d come home months ago. – The blood mixing with the tears, that were soaking in her wound. – Yes, dad, I understand you are only trying to ensure.. Yes.. But, I wish.. It’s Christmas, dad.

It did not matter that he hit her again, it did not matter they called her an orphan’s whore, all it mattered was that she wanted her the only family left for her to be here for Christmas. She didn’t know how long he had, she just wanted to see him one more time.

The memory faded once again.


This memory was different. It started with the taste of ocean in the air, sunlight on a girl’s pale skin. She was a little girl, playing in the back yard with her dog. The sky was blue and the birds were singing. As she was swinging, her dad came. He hugged her tight and whispered “I’m so sorry, pumpkin. It’s just you and me now.”

She spent every following day waiting for her mother to come home, waiting to hear her laugh, feel the warmth of her arms, but she never came back home.


The last memory faded and the coldness and fear started creeping in. That’s where the darkness was coming – she was standing on the edge of a cliff in the middle of the night, the cliff where she last saw her mother.

Suddenly Light realized that the girl from the memories and the girl she remembered were the same.  The once little girl wasn’t innocent and pure now, but it was her. Broken, left alone to drown in an ocean of sorrow.

The girl spread her arms and prepared to jump in the ocean of darkness.

-NO, JANE. STOP. – Light screamed but it was already too late.


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