King of my soul.

You came into my heart
Slowly and gently. 

You picked up the broken pieces,

wandered the world to find the missing ones as well,

and you made it whole again.

You released the faith and joy from the prison of past I had created.
You were my angel, 

who made time and space look like tiny grains of sand.

You were the oxygen in the deepest ocean,

the light that kept the monsters at bay,

my invisible, unbreakable armor from evil eyes.
But your name was Lucifer. 
Where you create, twice you ruin.

The fire of love you give, you turn into ashes of hate. 

You led me to a path of molten lava,

to peel off every layer of belief I had in you,

Slowly and painfully.
You enjoy a broken soul. 


You crave to break a soul. 
Father of hell, you drank my happiness

from a goblet made of my heart. 

You kept boiling my love into a fire pit, 

until there was nothing left but hope.
Oh, and I had hoped





For you to get back to the man you were, 

to become again the better you.

Who used to murmLusoft words late at night in his sleep,

to have your arms around me like a shelter in a thunderstorm.

But mistaken I was. 
There was never a better you. 
It was all a lie, 

A feast for the one, who burried his heart and soul in heaven, 

so that he would never appreciate what he had lost. 

For centuries you have been searching a way to fill the void in your chest.

And there I was, just an innocent soul, 

which you broke into pieces 


added to your miserable collection that will never make you whole again.

Your name is Lucifer. 


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