Seasons come and go,
hurricanes hit villages and distroy them, so they can be rebuild again.
Ice melts, water freezes.
Islands get swallowed by water, others are made by volcanos.
Just like that your love came and went.
Your soul whispered into my ear that it needed help.
Alas, I never managed to learn what troubled you.
Were you feeling lonely?
Did you need to run away?
Were you bullied?
Was the money not enough to get through another day?
Did you have monsters under your bed, creeping at your window and hiding in your closet?
Or were they in the mirror?
Was it you, who you were trying to run away from?

I tried to help.
I thought that maybe love would be enough, if only I gave all of it.
Honestly, I did.
Back then I thought it could never be enough for a guy like you.
So perfect, so kind.
Now I know, that I gave more than I could.

Now I am empty.
I am wearing a crown of despair, embroidered with gems of your lies,
a cloak of shadows from our memories, always running on my heels.
I have a dress of hopes, so worn out and torn apart, it is hardly recognizable.
My shoes are love, but black and corrupted, turning light into dark.
I wear make up made of bright red tears, as my heart cries for you.
So I walk.I walk the path of needles toward your heart, trying to reach out to you and save you.
I never realized I kept losing myself along the way.
Or I did, but it didn’t matter anyway?

Now it’s too late.I taste suffocating flames around my lips, rising from the hell inside your soul.
Your eyes, forever frozen with unknown fear, are freezing the prayers in my blood.What broke you so much, my dear, that even the truest and purest love could not heal?

What chained your happiness in a cage of thorns?
What drove your eyes to bleed with rage?What made your lips to burn with lies?

Tell me, so I can save us both.


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